Picking up the Pieces and Creating a Life I Love

by Stephanie C. Smalls (Author)
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After going through difficult situations and feeling broken, you have to learn to find ways to navigate your new normal. You must discover yourself and love who you are while in the process, living in truth, health, and love.

In Picking Up the Pieces and Creating a Life I Love, author Stephanie C. Smalls shares her personal story of finding herself in a challenging and life-changing situation, a divorce. Combined with her experience as a certified, professional life coach, she offers tools and reminders of how one can navigate through the art of finding happiness while moving forward and learning about who you are and relying on the power you hold inside yourself.

This memoir reminds you there are times in life you feel shattered, but you possess the ability to transform. You don’t have to stay hurt or broken. You can choose what kind of life you want to pursue while valuing yourself and your journey. Ask yourself the following questions: What do your pieces consist of? Where do you draw strength from? How do you put those pieces back together to create a life you love?

Publication date
July 22, 2021
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