Love Dream

by Lillian Bosnack (Author)
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My body tingled when I lay awake in the dark of night, alone in my bed, wanting Bill at my side. I’ve been telling him what a committed Christian I am, yet I harbor desires that seem to be far from my faith. The lust of the flesh comes to mind. I’m in total agony. How could I say all the right words about being a devout Christian and then secretly nurture the craving to give him my all? I think that using the Christian title is a terrible misnomer when I’m not thinking like one. Or am I? Do other women in my situation want to be held, kissed, and romanced like this? Do they have the battle I’m having over their spiritual side and their human yearnings? I agonize when I consider the possible outcome.

Love Dream Reader Reviews

“Warm tears clouded my vision as I closed the cover on Love Dream. I’m drained from the intimate prose taken from Lilly’s diary. I’ll read this book again and again. Lilly allows me (all of us) the privilege of living the dream of a lifetime with her.”

— Sara Parnell

“I’ve read a lot of memoirs and romantic novels and find this combination so fresh and intriguing. It was so emotionally deep that I had to stop, rest and dry my eyes. Love Dream goes beyond words to express how moved I was.”

— Shirley A. Jeup

“As a college instructor I had to make time to read Love Dream. When I did, I couldn’t put it down. I’m intrigued with the way it combines the love story and the spiritual lessons. It’s a great read for both men and women, old and young.”

— Michael Anderson

“I just finished Love Dream, and I think it’s great! It deals with the issues of relationship, sex, age (both physical and spiritual), and reveals a woman who ultimately made all the right choices. It’s boldly honest….”

—Sally Stuart

Publication date
July 23, 2021
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