Change Your Mind to Change Your Life!

by Mitch Horton (Author)
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In his book, Change Your Mind To Change Your Life, Mitch Horton draws richly on his personal journey to know God as he addresses the problem of out of control thinking in a Christian’s daily life. In this book, Mitch challenges the Christian to seek to change their hurtful thinking patterns through a four step process of mind renewal.

Mitch also addresses from a Biblical perspective the need for meditation in the Word of God in a Christan’s personal life. Mitch shows how meditation in the Word of God can actually change a person’s personal belief system and help a person overcome mental traits that hinder their life and walk with God. Mitch leaves the reader with a supply of hundreds of scriptures that show who they are in Christ and that can be referenced for a daily time of scriptural meditation in God’s Word.

Publication date
July 23, 2021
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