Strategic Learning

by Robert K Kamei (Author)
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'Dr Bob was our pediatrician. If we could trust him with our kids, you can trust him with how to learn better. I discovered many surprising truths about learning in this book, so follow the scientific research and become a better learner.'

Guy KawasakiBestselling book author, chief evangelist of Canva and creator of the 'Remarkable People' podcast
Most 'how to learn' books focus only on study techniques. However, knowing these study techniques doesn't guarantee they will be successfully implemented. Based on Professor Kamei's popular undergraduate course at the National University of Singapore, the author shares his unique perspective as an educator and physician to provide a strategic approach to learning that will benefit all students looking to optimize their learning.His extensive experience with helping students with their studies has identified a wide variety of reasons why they were not learning properly. What throws many learners off is that they hold certain myths that result in poor study habits. Learners who understand the truth behind these myths can use this knowledge to better plan their study and have an advantage over others that don't.Furthermore, modifying your study methods won't make much difference if you are too sleepy to learn or lack the motivation and self-discipline to pick up a book. These foundational aspects of learning also need to be solidly in place. This book takes learners through the author's holistic method to help students learn better and meet whatever learning challenges they face.Learners of all ages who wish to optimize their learning will benefit from this book, as well as educators seeking an approach to help their students learn better.Contents:
  • Introduction
  • The Holistic Learning Framework
  • Setting Goals
  • The Metacognitive Cycle — Recognition vs Recall
  • The Metacognitive Cycle — Encoding Memory
  • The Metacognitive Cycle — Flattening Out the Forgetting Curve
  • The Metacognitive Cycle — Resetting the Forgetting Curve
  • The Foundation — Self-Regulation
  • The Foundation — Health and Wellbeing
  • Developing, Implementing and Evaluating a Learning Plan
  • Modernizing Education to Learn Better
  • Conclusion: Final Thoughts on the Power of Thoughts

Readership: Primary market: General Junior College to Higher Education students for self-study/improvement. Secondary market: Parents and teachers who want to learn how to counsel students on how to learn better.Metacognition;Learning How to Learn;Learning;Learning Plan;Higher Learning;Evaluate Learning;Self Directed Learning;Active Learning;Memory'Dr Robert Kamei brings a rich background to this highly valuable survey of learning. After pioneering work in reforming medical education, he developed for undergraduates a fantastic course on how to learn, and he has captured the deep insights of that experience in this wonderful volume. Easy to read and follow even complex ideas, this book will delight and inform students and teachers alike. Highly recommended.' - Ken BainHistorian and author of What the Best College Teachers Do (Harvard University Press) and Super Courses: The Future of Teaching and Learning (Princeton University)

'Learning scientists have done a good job of getting their findings to instructors to help them improve their teaching. But so much of learning is under the student's — and only the student's — control. Strategic Learning fills a critical need to educate students on what the field knows about how to learn productively. We should be getting it into the hands of every university student.' - Lori BreslowSenior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of ManagementFounding Director, MIT Teaching & Learning Laboratory

'Strategic Learning was an unexpected find. At first I was planning on reading some chapters that had been called to my attention and then wow — by the end of the evening I had read the book cover to cover. It is both strategic and holistic on how to learn most effectively by tuning into deep properties of your own mind. For example, once you have learned something how often do you review it and what is the ideal spacing you might want between reviews to really accelerate total mastery? Understanding some of these metacognitive findings helps us while in college, graduate school, or for lifelong learning at any age in our world of constant change. This book is a real find. Thank you Dr Kamei for taking the time to write it and to make it all seem so ease to put into practice.' - John Seely BrownAuthor, with Doug Thomas, The New Culture of LearningCo-founder of the Institute for Research on Learning (IRL)Former Chief Scientist, Xerox CorporationDirector of Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

'This is a just-in-time book for both teachers and students. Bob's comprehensive, strategic approach to learning has really made a difference in his students' learning experiences. Based on the evidence-based framework and easy-to-understand procedure, anyone who aspires to create optimal learning for themselves or for their children or students would be able to benefit from Bob's methodology — a holistic learning framework which can help overcome the learning myths that many believe in and build their new learning scenarios.' - Yao-Ting SungExecutive Vice President and Chair ProfessorNational Taiwan Normal UniversityDirector, The National Assessment Center for Education in Taiwan

'Dr Bob was our pediatrician. If we could trust him with our kids, you can trust him with how to learn better. I discovered many surprising truths about learning in this book, so follow the scientific research and become a better learner.' - Guy KawasakiBestselling book author, chief evangelist of Canva and creator of the 'Remarkable People' podcast

'Since the very start of VinUniversity, we have appreciated Prof Kamei's thoughtful advice on setting up our educational programs and active learning. With this book, he has turned his attention to advising students how best to learn. Now, they too can benefit from his educational insights and experiences. I suggest that all students, and faculty, consider reading his book to get the very most out of their university education.' - Le Mai LanPresident of VinUniversity, Hanoi, VietnamVice Chairwoman of Vingroup

'Strategic Learning is an outstanding book that has combined Bob's distilled expertise over decades of teaching with insights consolidated from the science of learning globally in a very readable and clear guide to optimising one's personal learning. Every student (and every educator) should read this!' - Jeremy LimAssociate Professor, Director of the Leadership Institute for Global Health TransformationSaw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of SingaporeCEO of AMiLi (GI microbiome company)

'Universities are good at telling students what to learn, but much less so at how to actually do that. Kamei's Strategic Learning fills that gap. It begins with debunking popular myths about learning, then builds a deep understanding of the metacognitive and self-regulatory processes underlying learning, and concludes with tangible advice on how to put this into practice. And it's fun to read!' - Andreas SchleicherDirector for Education and Skills, and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the Secretary-General at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Oversees the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)

'Professor Robert K Kamei teaches a popular course at NUS, which focuses on the science and techniques of learning better. He has compiled this exciting knowledge into a new book, Strategic Learning, for wider public understanding. Learning skills are increasingly important, not just to students, but also working adults, and all who are seeking to develop their potential to the fullest. In this era, we are all encouraged, and expected, to be learning constantly, and thereafter apply new knowledge in ever-changing circumstances. Professor Kamei's book shows that with practice and patience, we can all develop strong learning skills which can enhance our creativity, adaptability and resilience.' - Professor TAN Eng ChyePresidentNational University of Singapore

'There is no single teaching and learning technique that can be applied effectively to every student. Learners should learn how to learn successfully, and teachers should know how to create proper learning environment. This book provides learners and teachers to understand and to be able to apply Strategic Learning to achieve the real benefit of education.' - Prasit WatanapaDean, Faculty of MedicineSiriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand

'Although the intended audience for the book is predominantly university students and teachers, the book's holistic and strategic approach to learning — and us all being compelled to lifelong learning in a knowledge economy — mean that it is useful for learners of all ages … Kamei's sincerity and humanity in undertaking great efforts to help his readers (and students) is obvious throughout. I found his self-deprecating humour refreshing and his humility touching …I am absolutely certain that his concerns are entirely unwarranted, as I very much enjoyed this insightful and immensely practical book that I highly recommend.' - Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching

Key Features:

  • This book is a practical guide covering important aspects of the cognitive sciences, the psychology of education, adult learning, health, and wellness. For students suddenly finding themself struggling with learning in a new virtual classroom environment, this holistic approach provides a step by step guide to meeting these challenges
  • The book provides quotes from students who describe their new insights from having a holistic strategy to learning
  • Readers can experience activities that help demonstrate why particular learning strategies might be useful for them. Understanding the meaning of different study techniques allows learners to implement the ones that work best for them
  • A companion website provides readers with information covering the latest scientific research on learning. A discussion forum is also available to our learning community

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July 21, 2021
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