To See What We Can See

by Hilary Franey (Author)
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Steve, Laika, and Raoul-a threesome you won't soon forget. They each are just too clever for their own good. Steve, an orange fluffball of a cat, is the youngest and naturally most curious of the bunch. Laika is an older gentleman, a gorgeous silvery husky that seems to possess the wisdom of Solomon when it comes to sound thinking. And then there's Raoul. What can one say about a smart-aleck parrot decked out in brilliant green plumage? But he's even wiser than Laika where longevity and experience are needed to get the motley crew through some harrowing scrapes that they call adventures. Their owners are caught unaware when Raoul comes into their lives and seems to have full communication with their dog and cat. Of course that's not possible, they tell themselves, but soon discover that all things are possible with their wildly clever pets! And with God...

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July 30, 2021
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