All-In Paragon

by Carole L. Mendoza (Author)
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Every day we make decisions that are primarily based on what we believe, have learned, or accept as truth from our personal experiences. At birth we begin to develop independent, problem-solving skills. Making decisions and taking control of things is normal and expected. No wonder God becomes more of a “resource” than “The Source” in our lives.

Most positions I held required me to be “all-in”, in both tangible and emotional ways. I accepted the advice and direction of my worldly mentors and coaches without ever considering God’s opinion. This attitude and action rarely created the success I desired. In fact, I took risks that turned into disasters personally, financially, and professionally. For years I jumped at every program, book or idea that promised I would be able to “manifest my desires”.

What I discovered is:

*I never quite succeeded the way I wanted and had a false sense of success

*I questioned and doubted every decision and often created more problems than solutions

*I was always left searching for my purpose and my “something more”

As I reflected on these experiences, I started to look at my relationship with God differently. I did not notice anything unusual until one morning God asked me if I was “all-in” with Him. “All-in” with God? Was I? As I began to pray for wisdom, God began to reveal to me various places where I was, in fact, not “all-in”.

By addressing these areas, getting obsessed with God and His opinion, and being obedient to His word, my life completely changed. This experience produced the “All-In Paragon”. A step-by-step strategy for making a faith-based paradigm shift resulting in quantum leap success and unstoppable flow.

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July 23, 2021
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