When the Impossible Becomes Possible

by Pamela D. Hornbuckle (Author)
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Do you have questions that need answers?

God can answer them—and He can also give you comfort, healing, and hope.

While many people think God does not care, He speaks to people every day. If you aren’t listening, however, you’re going to miss what He is saying.

This guide will help you become a better listener, so you won’t only recognize when He’s speaking to you, you’ll understand His message. As you read, learn how to:

embrace the power of the Holy Spirit;

move past criticism and fear;

boost wellness through meditation and journaling;

forgive others and accept forgiveness.

Listening to God’s voice is encountering God Himself. As you listen to and encounter God, as well as obey what He tells you to do, you will experience the peace of His presence, find your safe place in Him, and receive the healing you need.

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July 26, 2021
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