Ona Dare's Mother-Son Incest

Ona Dare's Mother-Son Incest

by Ona Dare (Author)
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Some mothers are so hot they sizzle. Some sons are far too hot to be denied. Incest is such a dirty word. So wicked, so forbidden. But sometimes it just can't be washed from our minds. Sometimes it has to be acted on or die. And why not? If both mother and son are consenting, who should care?

Ten stories of forbidden fruit that are so hot and steamy...so dirty and nasty they might make you combust. Go ahead, read them. Just don't read them at work or leave your reader around the house. These stories are for when you want a little sump'n sump'n to take you over the edge. Enjoy.

A Mother-Son Vacation
I Know What My Mom Needs
Mom's Big Surprise
Mom, I've Got to Have Her
Mom's Man of the House
Mom, Three's Not a Crowd
Mother's Little Soldier
My Mom, The Doctor
My Mother, The Professor
My Son, The Model

Publication date
July 20, 2021
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