Father's Day Incest In Regal Bay

Father's Day Incest In Regal Bay

by K.W. Steiner (Author)
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A year after being quarantined during the pandemic, and spending eight long and lust-filled weeks apart, Wendy Simpson wants to treat her loving and understanding husband to a wonderful Father’s Day. Conspiring with their daughters, his mischievous wife has planned a very entertaining, exhausting, and incest-filled Sunday for Arthur, a Father’s Day he would not soon forget.

Arthur Simpson was dreaming…

In his dream, Arthur was surrounded by dozens of beautiful, young, toga-clad women. He lounged on an ornate couch beside a large, crystal-clear pool where several of those very same girls laughed and splashed around. There were ravens and golden-haired beauties, platinum blondes, caramel brunettes, and ginger reds. Some of his girls had flowing chestnut manes, while others had short, ashen curls. Above them all was a tent of palms whose leaves filtered out the stifling heat of the mid-day Arabian sun, providing a cool shelter for him and his haram of youthful beauties.
One of these ladies, a voluptuous young woman with long, cascading, straw-blonde hair, passed him his solid gold wine goblet. He smiled and nodded a thanks to her and drank deeply. The wine was perfectly chilled as it should be, and after passing the cup back, Arthur gave her his broadest smile while also reading out to give her conveniently exposed her chest a gentle tweak. She giggled and after he had flicked her with his thumb once more, she bowed and moved off to refill his goblet.

Arthur returned to watching the several other beauties as they splashed around in the pool, some with their togas removed to show off their bodies, others with the fabric so wet and sheer that he could easily make out their bodies. Some of those were as pink as fresh strawberries and just as delicious looking.

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July 22, 2021
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