Blindsiding My Sister

Blindsiding My Sister

by Natalie Frisk (Author)
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When Danny Franklin intercepted a message from his sister's boyfriend that he would not be by for a planned sex evening, Danny takes advantage of the situation and fills in for her boyfriend. Heather has the night of her life thinking she is with her boyfriend.

As I got close to the door of the condo I could hear that Heather had her music on. I went inside and Heather was standing at the kitchen counter with her back to me. She was making a tray of cheese and crackers. She was wearing the sexiest white lace outfit. The top was a camisole made completely of lace. The panties matched and were skimpy with most of her butt cheeks hanging out. A lace garter belt and white lace stockings made the outfit complete. She was looking hot, and I had no control as I got hard just looking at her. I pulled out my cell phone and took a couple of quick pictures, and then snuck upstairs before she knew I was there.

When I got to the top of the stairs I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were no lights on in any room, but a glow was coming from Heather’s bedroom. Exploring what was making the glow I stepped inside to see that the room was full of candles flickering away. There was a red sheet stretched across the bed. From each corner of the bed were padded restraints. Their special plan looked like Heather was going to be strapped to the bed and Mike would use the array of sexy toys on the night stand. There was a bull whip, and a riding crop. Vibrators, dildoes and butt plugs. I also found nipple clips and a large metal hook with a metal ball at the end which I assumed could be slid into any inviting and waiting hole. There was a bottle of lubricant and another of baby oil. And the coup de grace was a mask that went completely over the head. The nose had a hole so the occupant could breathe, but the eyes were covered with buckled flaps that were closed, and the mouth had a hole and a ball gag that could be strapped in place.

I thought she should have told me to stay out all night!

As I started to go to my room to get my wallet Heather’s phone buzzed on her dresser. It was a text message from Mike. “Heather, babe, I am so sorry but I cannot get there tonight, There is a crisis at work  and I am driving there right now. Please don’t be mad at me! We will reschedule your sexual punishment for next week.”

A first I felt really bad for Heather, and then something came over me. I picked up her phone and texted back to Mike, “Not a problem, babe. I’ll have another week to think about it!”

Mike texted back, “You are the best!”

I turned the phone off so it wouldn’t interrupt the evening. I picked up the mask and silently went down the stairs. The music was still playing as Heather was seated on the couch with her back to the stairway I was coming down. The plate of cheese and crackers was on the table. As quietly as I could I stood behind her and in one quick motion I pulled the mask over her head. Her sight was completely cut off. “Mike!” she exclaimed. “I didn’t hear you come in!”

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July 24, 2021
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