Silicone Mom

Silicone Mom

by James Steele (Author)
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After her recent boob job, hot, young single mother, Karen, never expected her brand new D cup tits to attract so much attention from her own son, Ryan. Then again, who can love a busty blonde mom like her own son?

Ever since Karen had gotten her boobs done, Ryan couldn’t keep his eyes off them. It didn’t matter what she was wearing, or not wearing. The eighteen year old was most obviously enrapt by the newly conspicuous swells of his mother’s freshly enhanced, D cup size. Her son’s attention wasn’t what she had in mind when she got them done, but if she’d know this was going to be the effect her new jugs were going to have she would’ve had them done a long time ago.

It had been four days since that first accidental time, and Karen hadn't stopped thinking about that big, beautiful young son ever since. Even though he’d been wearing his briefs, she’d seen enough to get a very good idea of her son’s equipment. She woke up thinking about it every morning, and it made her realize she must have been dreaming about it, too.
The busty young mother was used to men ogling her tightly curvaceous body, and she was pretty well past getting excited about it. In fact, it was such a normal occurrence she barely noticed anymore. But when she noticed the way her own teenaged son was paying closer and closer attention to her juicy charms, she found herself getting excited despite her nagging awareness of how wrong it was supposed to be.

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July 25, 2021
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