Future Bound

by Herlander Elias (Author)
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It is a common fact that to improve yourself, you have to design your world. It means that you have to create an adequate image of your future. It has to be consistent, and it has to be made from the ground up. You have to be future bound, which is the same to say that it must reflect yourself. Improving your way of living depends heavily on how you do your thinking just better and better. To be future bound means that you are on the right track, meeting your desired future eventually by making the present even more bearable and better too. In this trend, what you are doing is using the future as a magnet; you simply feel driven towards it. Also, I am a sure believer that regardless of any type of further consequences, the end game has to be you becoming better than the previous version of yourself. There is just no other way.

Publication date
August 02, 2021