Quiet Thoughts

by Sudie J. Bradley (Author)
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As quietly as

the morning dew,

the falling snow,

the warming rays.

As quietly as

the growing grass,

a flowering bud,

a baby’s laugh.

As quietly as these

does a thought grow.

Sudie Bradley is a devout Christian who has learned, through time and her life experiences, to listen to the voice of the Spirit.

In a debut collection of inspirational poems, Sudie shares insight into her quiet thoughts with the hope of uplifting other believers and inspiring them to draw closer to the Savior. Her poetry touches on many themes and topics that include the tiny seed planted in her heart that provided hope, the tests of her faith, the gifts that accompany both giving and receiving, a special saint with a sweet spirit, the happiness that comes with serving the Lord in a variety of ways, and much more.

Quiet Thoughts is a volume of poetry that shines an inspirational light on a Christian woman’s walk of faith.

Publication date
July 27, 2021
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