Spirituality in Pharmacy: Providing Holistic Care-It’s More than Medicine

by Mark S. Johnson (Author)
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Increasing evidence has emerged over the past several decades that correlates the value of spirituality in the care of patients. Spirituality can have a profound impact on the care of patients and should be addressed in healthcare in order to best provide whole person care. This textbook is the first text devoted to spirituality and its application to pharmacy, exploring such topics as why spirituality is important in healthcare, different spiritual practices and faith traditions that may be important to patients, spirituality course development in pharmacy, and future areas for development and research in spirituality pharmacy. The authors of this textbook seek to inform and guide the development and implementation of spirituality in pharmacy education and practice. KEY FEATURES: 1) Evidence-based with references to primary literature supporting patient care outcomes impacted by spirituality 2) Applications of spiritual care in pharmacy practice including taking a spiritual history, spirituality course development in pharmacy, and interactions with other healthcare professionals and the faith community 3)Recommendations for complementary therapies that patients may practice 4)Practical case studies with an emphasis on pharmacist-specific interventions

Publication date
August 03, 2021
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