Alexa For Dummies

by Paul McFedries (Author)
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Is there an Echo® in here?

Alexa is the voice-controlled Amazon service that transforms your home-sweet-home into a smart home. And Alexa For Dummies is the companion guide that will help you figure out which Echo® device is right for you so you can start training Alexa to be your personal assistant-extraordinaire. This book shows you how to make the most of everything Alexa can do—and that’s a lot! Whether you simply want to play audio or you’re ready to explore Alexa’s higher-level capabilities, we’ve got you covered.


  • Personalize your Echo® device
  • Enhance security and privacy
  • Ask questions Alexa understands
  • Discover Alexa’s accessibility features
  • Make lists and send texts
  • Set up smart home Wi-Fi
  • Automate your home with routines
  • Install new Alexa skills

Publication date
August 02, 2021
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