Banged By The Builder

Banged By The Builder

by Divyne Lipps (Author)
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Ava and Ethan overshot their home remodeling budget. During the construction, the builder had eyes on Ava and crossing out some of the bill was one way to get into her pants. The builder got to work and teased Ethan as Ava was strapped to the bed buck naked. He fondled her olive-skinned body and watched as her husband got hard at the sight of another man fondling his wife. Before long, the two men filled every hole Ava had on offer, and the hot

“Come on, come inside me; I want to feel your hot seed filling my hungry pussy. I want my husband to see your come flowing from my hole. You can lick your come from my pussy while my husband fucks me from behind. Drops of come are gonna drip all over your face.”

Ava did it; she pushed me way over the edge. The image of licking her cunt as her husband’s shaft slid in and out covered in my come. My tongue was exploring the swollen veins on his cock, his balls inches from my face.

I gritted my teeth and fired stream after stream of gooey come in Ava’s tight cunt. Her muscles gripped as she started her orgasm. The walls of her pussy gripping and milking every drop of seed from my body.

“Big boy, now it’s time to get licking before it goes cold.”

Ava spun and kneeled over me; I raised my head and lapped at her petal-like pussy lips. I licked her clit and down her slit, and while I’d just come inside her, she still tasted like nectar. The bed moved, and Ethan got in position. I could see his hand jerking his shaft as he neared the hole of his wife.

His body inched closer, and I watched as the head of his shaft was swallowed by Ava’s wet cunt. There was a drip from his shaft with a squelch as his wide girth forced more to come out of her pussy.

Ava’s cunt was soaked from rampant licking and my full load of come. Ethan rammed his cock harder into her, increasing his speed to match that of my licking, so I glanced my tongue across the underside of his cock and heard him squeal with pleasure.

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August 02, 2021
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