Impregnated By Daddy

Impregnated By Daddy

by Divyne Lipps (Author)
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I wanted to teach my wife a lesson by making me babysit our daughter. Amy looked hot as hell. So as a horny dad, I drugged her juice. I stripped her and explored every inch of her body. I took advantage and rode her until I filled her hole with incestuous seed. I'd taught her a lesson by stealing her virginity while unconscious, and soon found she was carrying my kid. I'd always wanted to fuck a pregnant woman, and what better than my daughter

An unconscious virgin slut daughter, who could ask for more? I grinned to myself. I dashed to my bedroom and came back with my bag. I popped open the clasp and reached inside. I bought a surgical implement, but I wasn’t going to use this for its intended purpose. I squeezed the end of the clear vaginal speculum.

This would let me look deep inside my daughter’s tight pussy. There was no way I could get closer apart from fucking her, but that was to come later. Now I wanted an internal inspection of her little tight cunt.

I lubricated her pussy, worked some past her tiny lips, and then rubbed a dollop on the speculum. I eased the plastic deeper in her tight pussy, an inch at a time.

Each time she groaned, I paused. Finally, the speculum was nestled as far as it could go. I squeezed the handles together and watched as her cunt spread open to reveal the dark insides. I caressed my bulging erection as I leaned forward to gawp into the darkness of her pussy. My cock throbbed, and there was no way I could remember this moment, so I took out my cellphone and started taking pictures of her stretched pussy, and inside the hole. The smooth pink walls of her pussy are illuminated by the flash on the camera. That was enough for me also but my load all over my daughter, so I calmed down and pulled the vaginal speculum out of her pussy.

My cock was oozing pre-cum, so I leaned forward and let the drops drip onto my daughter’s pussy lips. I even squeezed my shaft and milked the pre-cum from the slit. I snapped away and then hit video record as I smeared the come around the lips of her pussy with the tip of my middle finger. Her cunt was as bald as the day she was born, and now it was glistening from the light falling onto it and the incandescence of my pre-cum.

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August 02, 2021
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