From Daughter To Daddy's Slut Wife

From Daughter To Daddy's Slut Wife

by Divyne Lipps (Author)
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Joshua was close to proposing to Grace. Lily got upset and stormed from the restaurant. Joshua found her and embraced her where she soon convinced him with her body, she was the best to be his slut wife. Joshua soon wanted to spill his seed in his daughters hand, but she wanted it inside her. With the potential fiancé asleep, daddy and daughter consummated their father daughter taboo marriage.

Joshua tore his fingers from her flesh and sucked at her delectable bodily secretions. His cock was pumping furiously in his jeans, but he knew he needed to act. While Lily was still disoriented and experiencing feelings, he started the car and went home. They ordered pizza and watch a couple of movies on the couch when they got home because supper had been such a catastrophe. They hadn’t discussed what had happened in the car, but Joshua could tell his silent daughter was thinking about it.

When she went upstairs to shower, he quickly changed into sweatpants and a T-shirt. After that, he went back to his flat to await the pizza delivery. He thought it was good to have some breathing time before something more severe happening. He also realized how much he appreciated the way things felt right then, with his lovely daughter snuggled up against him as close as she could get. He’d never felt such a beautifully sweet pussy.

She was silky smooth and wonderfully soft. With a sigh, Joshua’s hand went beneath the blanket Lily had draped over them, off her shoulder and down to her bare hip, exposing her skin beneath the bunched-up hem of her T-shirt. In no time, her hand was on top of his thigh, creeping down the inside of his leg. With her free hand, she slid his hand down between her thighs and onto her exposed pussy. His cock was fully hard by this time, and his sweet little daughter was stroking and caressing his shaft through his sweatpants.
“Daddy, please.”

With a smile, Joshua muttered back, “This is bad, darling.”

She quietly cooed, “No, it’s not.”

Her mound was moist and smooth, and she had already become sticky from the car ride. While she gasped and moaned quietly, he stroked and spread her pussy’s moist petals. As her groans got louder, his finger traced circles around her swollen clit.

She cooed, “Make me come again, Daddy. Make me persuade you to join us this time. Please?”

Joshua moaned gently and pushed one of his long, thick fingers into the moist pussy of his daughter. Her hand went inside her father’s shorts to take his hot, throbbing cock shaft in a couple of seconds, and she mewled like a kitten at the soft invasion of her sensitive hole.

“I want it inside me, Dad,” she said. “Then I’ll truly be yours.”

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August 02, 2021
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