How to overcome the smoking habit (translated)

How to overcome the smoking habit (translated)

by anonymous (Author)
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A vice that is now so widespread and so deeply ingrained in the habits of mankind can only be contained and gradually overcome by means of widespread and tenacious propaganda, persuasion and health education. In any case, this must be based on the smoker's desire to break his habit. Where the will is weak, we can come to the rescue, as we shall see, with the adoption of individual remedies and measures of various kinds, which help the smoker to overcome the vice of smoking or at least to considerably mitigate the damage; but these too do not act on their own and do not succeed in achieving the goal in the long term if there is no will to stop smoking. And in order to strengthen the will, it is necessary to persuade people of the danger that smoking poses to human health. Therefore, before talking to you about the remedies that can help you break the habit, we will explain the damage that smoking does to our bodies. However, the proposed work will undoubtedly have its positive effects, helping you to stop smoking, not to start at all, and to limit the damage for those who have no intention of quitting.

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August 09, 2021
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