Teach your child to speak - A manual for parents (translated)

Teach your child to speak - A manual for parents (translated)

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Our world is a world of words. Speaking effectively may be the most important skill your child will learn. The problem is that many of us have become so used to speaking and listening that we take both for granted. As a result, many parents think that their children will somehow learn to speak without any help. Almost all parents automatically do many things that help their child's language development. However, there are times when parents may unknowingly do the wrong things. This book is designed to illustrate activities that have a direct and positive effect on a child's speech and language development.

Some of the suggested activities encourage good parent-child relationships and help the child associate pleasant experiences with speaking. Other suggestions help provide an environment in which it is fun to learn to speak, to encourage a child like yours to develop a healthy outlook on life. The aim of this book is to help you with your child's speech development. Simply assessing the progress this book offers may signal the need for more attention and time to be devoted to him by you and others. Pressure has no place in his effort to learn to speak.

The things you say to the child will influence the way he thinks about himself. He will learn to appreciate himself better if you speak to him in a persuasive voice that lets him know he is part of a safe and loving home. Keep him close to you, parents, and show him that you enjoy being with him. Teach him that you and the rest of the family enjoy spending time with the child.

A child's greatest need at a young age is love, affection and good physical well-being. Being loved and cuddled helps a child learn to live in the world. Make him feel that he is part of what is happening and not just an observer. Talk to him and give him a chance to add his role even if you cannot understand it. Listen to what he says and make him feel that what he says is definitely important.

Things that adults take for granted are new adventures for young children. Try to be a good example for him.

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