Martian Super Pack

by Roger Zelazny (Author)
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Collected here in a massive, one thousand page volume are 42 stories and one novel dealing with Mars or Martians. The Anthology opens with Roger Zelazny’s incomparable, Hugo nominated “A Rose for Ecclesiastes” and closes with Allen Steele’s Hugo award winning the “Emperor from Mars.” A wonderful anthology full of classic stories by some of science fiction’s best writers.

  • Roger Zelazny

  • Stanley G. Weinbaum

  • Jerome Bixby

  • Robert F. Young

  • Harry Harrison

  • Ian Randal Strock

  • Leigh Brackett

  • Philip K. Dick

  • David R. Bunch

  • Nicole Givens Kurtz

  • H. Beam Piper

  • Frank Belknap Long

  • Damon Knight

  • C. L. Moore

  • Don D’Ammassa

  • C. M. Kornbluth

  • Judith Merril

  • Nelson S. Bond

  • Clifford D. Simak

  • Lif Strand

  • Jack Sharkey

  • Mack Reynolds

  • Jean-Louis Trudel

  • Jack Williamson

  • Walter Miller, Jr.

  • Terry Franklin

  • Henry Kuttner

  • Fritz Leiber

  • Gene Mederos

  • Carl Jacobi

  • Gerri Leen

  • Frank M. Robinson

  • Charles Fontenay

  • Chas. A. Stearns

  • Ray Bradbury

  • Edmond Hamilton

  • Tom W. Harris

  • Alan J. Ramm

  • Carlton Furth

  • Rog Phillips

  • Algis Budrys

  • Poul Anderson

  • Randall Garrett

  • Allen Steele

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September 03, 2021
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