Harry and Lloyd: Irrational Treasure (A Dumb & Dumber Original Story)

by Steve Foxe (Author), Shadia Amin (Illustrator)
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Go on an epic adventure with Harry and Lloyd - the stars of the hit Dumb & Dumber franchise - as middle school students, in this hilarious illustrated novel!

Despite their exhausted history teacher’s best efforts to get them excluded from the trip, middle-schoolers Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas join their classmates on a special weekend-long trip to America’s capital, Washington, D.C. Shortly after arriving, the boys wander off the guided path at the Museum of American History, where they find a very suspicious-looking security guard seemingly breaking into one of the cases. This doesn’t ring any mental alarm bells for Harry and Lloyd, who are instead excited and fascinated by the case’s contents, even as the security guard tries to hush them up and avoid attracting attention.Unfortunately, Harry and Lloyd end up setting off the actual alarm bells, and the “security guard” makes a break for it, but not before dropping a coded map that has certain locations around Washington, D.C. marked with arcane symbols. The boys have just one thought: SCAVENGER HUNT! Soon, Harry and Lloyd (and their exasperated classmate Tini) embark on a romp through Washington DC to find everything on this “scavenger hunt,” all while being trailed by the thief who is after the REAL treasure the map leads to.Part Nicholas Cage heist of the declaration of independence, part hilarious middle grade adventure, “Irrational Treasure” is sure to be a hit of fans of Dumb & Dumber, and kids who are new to the franchise alike!

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August 02, 2022
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