Forbidden Daddy Daughter Love

Forbidden Daddy Daughter Love

by A.J. Mayes (Author)
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Kristin comes home for the summer, and within a few days, raw lust for her handsome dad consumes her. As the sexual tension becomes unbearable, she decides enough is enough. With the hour late, she searches the house on a mission to seduce him. She finds him by the pool, then walks to him. Will her deepest incest fantasy finally come true?


It was a night just like every other night since she’d graduated college. Carnal thoughts of her handsome dad consumed her mind. “What made me think this night would be any different than the previous six?” Frustrated and desperate, she yanked the sheet off her body. “Damnit. This has to end before I go insane.”

She hopped out of bed, padded through the dark house to the kitchen, and poured a healthy shot of bourbon into a glass. She slammed it down, then brought the bottle to her lips and took another swig. Warmed by the alcohol and her courage bolstered, she took a step towards her dad’s room, then stopped when her morals fought her. “You can have any man you want. Why go after your father?”

“Because I have to.” She mentally arm-wrestled her decency into a steel box, snapped the padlock shut, and threw away the key. “I’m doing this.”

She steeled her nerves, tip-toed down the hall, and, taking a breath, quietly entered the master. A frown crossed her face when she saw his empty bed. “Where is he?” Her blood began to simmer while she checked the bathroom. “Damn.”

Driven to find him, she glided to his office, and finding it barren, continued the search. Finally, she entered the living room, saw the pool’s ambient blue light coming through the windows, and slipped outside. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw him naked on a lounge. “Oh, my God.”

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September 12, 2021
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