by Robin McGill (Author)
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Is Overthinking Causing Stress, Anxiety, and Procrastination in Your Life?

Get Easy, Practical, and Actionable Solutions to Overcome the Problem of Overthinking in 30 Days

Has procrastination become your second nature?

Are you always worried that something might go wrong at any time?

Are you always trying to remain in control, and even simple changes get you over the edge?

Do you keep ruminating your past in your mind and find it very hard to come out of bad experiences?

These are signs of overthinking, and they can lead to stress, severe anxiety, fear, and panic. These things can make living a normal life difficult.

Did you know that more than 40 million Americans are currently suffering from anxiety disorders in which overthinking has a big role to play?

Did you also know that a little over 35% of the people suffering from anxiety disorders ever seek help, and the rest are forced to spend their life in despair struggling with such issues?

Did you also know that all this happens despite the fact that overthinking and anxiety are highly treatable conditions?

If you want to know the way to overcome these problems, Read More………..

In this Book, You will Find…

Explanation of this deep-rooted problem

Signs and symptoms of overthinking

10 main causes of overthinking and the reason they remain ignored

The hidden threats that lead to overthinking and stress in our lives

The physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive impact of overthinking and anxiety

Thorough understanding of the reasons causing mental clutter and the ways to deal with it

Ways to control the mind and stop overthinking

Effective ways to lower stress and anxiety

Practical ways to stop procrastination and become more productive

Understanding of the concept of meditation and the ways it can help in curbing the malice of overthinking

Ways to control negative thoughts

Ways to cultivate a winning mentality

A detailed explanation of the concepts like ETF tapping, mindfulness, deep breathing, and meditation

And More…………

Most people never realize that the problem of overthinking can make them inefficient

It can strain their relationships as they start questioning everything

Overthinking can steal confidence and fill the victim with unknown fears

But, there are ways to overcome the menace of overthinking, if you want to know the ways Buy Now…….

It is very difficult for people to understand the pain and agony a person suffering from overthinking has to go through

Overthinking is like a barking dog inside the mind which never shuts up

It keeps the mind filled with questions, worries, and fears

It makes you question even the most certain things

It fills the heart with the fear of the unknown and makes you recheck everything several times over

It can make life difficult for the victim as well as all the connected people

This Book can help you in understanding and resolving the problem of Overthinking from its roots.

Buy Now ….If you want to get rid of fears embedded deep in your mind

Buy Now….If you want to live a confident and fulfilling life

Buy Now….If you want to get rid of irrational fears and anxieties

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October 29, 2021
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