Goodnight Daytime

Goodnight Daytime

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The author brings to you a cute and soothing bedtime story from a modern and tropical perspective. In Caribbean islands ‘goodnight’ is spoken as a salutation and also expressed as a farewell. See that culture unfold within the pages of this story.

As the stars appear, bid farewell to the sunshine. Then, say hello to the animals that come out during the sultry night. Swat the pesky mosquitoes away. Tuck the busy girls and boys in their beds. And finally, fall asleep under the full moon’s dazzling light.

This book is special, and you will find it a great addition to your child’s bedtime routine. Its rhyme, rhythm, repetition, and predictable writing gives young readers the confidence to participate in their bedtime story.

Snuggle up with your little dreamer and create bedtime memories with ‘GOODNIGHT DAYTIME’.

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October 29, 2021
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