Sister's Taboo Christmas Gift

Sister's Taboo Christmas Gift

by Alana Church (Author)
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With their parents dead, Anna and Jimmy decide to spend one last Christmas at their old house. But a quick kiss under the mistletoe quickly turns passionate! Now sexy co-ed Anna is teasing her older brother, and Jimmy is definitely paying attention. Will their taboo desire turn into a love that lasts a lifetime? Or will it melt like snow in the sun? Find out in "Sister's Taboo Christmas Gift!"

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

If Jimmy thought he had lost the ability to be shocked by his sister, he was wrong. Anna was sprawled near the Christmas tree, her young, teenage body almost glowing in the winter sunlight, in a nest made from blankets and pillows. She was dressed (if it could even be called dressed) in practically nothing. A pair of pink bows sat on her lovely breasts, and a confection of ribbons, white and red, wound around her belly and groin and ass, keeping her female cleft from his staring eyes. The ribbons came to a knot just below her navel, and his fingers twitched, wanting to pull them loose. Another series of ribbons, red and green, wound through her honey-blond hair.

All in all, it was as if the sexiest elf in Santa's workshop had decided to pay him a visit.

"Merry Christmas, Jimmy," his sister said, her words a throaty murmur. A glance flicked to the fireplace, where a fire was burning. "Do you want to see what's in your stocking? I think Santa left something for you."


"Just check the stocking, Jimmy. And then we can talk." She looked down, a blush touching her cheeks. "If you still want to."

He pressed his lips together. "Fine."

He took three strides, trying to hide the shaking in his fingers as he plucked the stocking off the hook. It felt empty, but his reaching fingers found a single folded sheet of paper.

Dear Jimmy, he read.

Merry Christmas. I won't pretend that I am Santa, or that I'm Mom and Dad, speaking to you from Heaven.

I love you. I've loved you forever. I've always loved you.

But I want more than what we have. I want it all. I want you. Not just the love you give me as my brother, but the love you can give me as a man.

I love you. I love how you protect me, and take care of me, and always want the best for me. And I love how you look at me, the desire you feel for me as a woman fighting with what you think is right. When I am around you, all I want is to see what you look like naked, how your skin would feel against mine, how you would taste, what it would be like to finally make love together.

I love you. It's Christmas morning. I am your present, your gift, your reward.

Will you unwrap me?

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November 29, 2021
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