A Public Surrender

A Public Surrender

de Arian Wulf (Auteur)
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Natalie has her whole life ahead of her- if only she has someone to share it with. She's never found anyone who sparks her interest. Until now. Nikolai is a playboy billionaire who has been sponsoring the lavish party she attends. Famous for his fame and fortune as much as his ability to make any woman submit, it doesn't take long for him to crumble her resistance and make her surrender.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

"Well, hello there," he greets them with easy, sincere smiles, his gaze somehow both intense and friendly. "I hope you're not having too tedious of a time here," he continues, his voice vibrating in a deep bass that reverberates through her bones.

Nikolai Gent has a reputation that most of her high school peers are aware of. He's rich, powerful, and incredibly kinky in bed. Before she came here, the girls had filled her head with all the rumors surrounding the man. One of the more outlandish story involves his eighteenth birthday celebration almost two decades ago, where, apparently, he had seduced his high school English teacher and had sex with her in the classroom as his peers watch. They had stories about how he likes to tie his lovers up and use various toys with them, including whips, paddles, dildos, vibrators...

She doesn't really understand the fascination with his sex live. Don't people normally have one anyways? And using sex toys doesn't sound too freaky. It just sounds to her like he has a healthy opinion to experimenting. Natalie, for one, would not oppose to being tied up by someone like him. He has very muscular arms and lovely hands. She wonders how it would feel to have those hands on her body...

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6 décembre 2021
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