A Trick For Their Treat

A Trick For Their Treat

by Laura Lovecraft (Author)
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Each Halloween Rick and Lisa hire a young escort, a sexy trick for a naughty treat. This year is no different, and when a young girl in a sexy devil costume shows up, the fun is about to begin. But when it turns out the escort cancelled and the girl is a trick-or-treater on her way to a party, the night seems over. That is, until Rick convinces their mistaken trick to be their not-so-sweet treat!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Candy looked up from the now full pumpkin and their eyes met for the first time. 

"Are you hitting on me?" 

She was playing shy! Where was Rick? He was missing the start of the game!

"Damn straight I am," Lisa told her. "Baby girl, you're hot as hell."

"Um, I'm flattered, but I'm not into girls."

"I'm no girl, honey, I'm a cougar looking for a kitten," 

Her flustered look was worthy of an Oscar. "But I'm just trick or treating." 

"At your age and that outfit?"

"I'm only 18," she shrugged, and Lisa caught the delectable way her breast jiggled, but that paled in comparison to her words; was she only 18? "I'm going to a party after this."

"That you are, a private party."

She spun to leave, but Lisa caught her arm.

"Hey!" Candy pulled away from her. "What are you drunk?"

"I love that you're all in on role playing, but how my husband will be out here soon and..."

"Your husband?" Candy's face scrunched up. "You want to tag team me? Ewww, creepy old people!"

"I am not old!" Lisa snapped, then took a breath. "Sorry, I didn't mean to raise my voice, but I asked you to stop playing coy."

"I'm not playing anything," Candy had the indignant tone again. "Or with anyone."

"Still with the act?" Lisa sighed. "I'm sorry if I'm coming on too strong, maybe you're new to this."

"I'm not new to being perved on, it's usually just not by a woman."

"Here," Lisa picked up the envelope from the table. "I should have already given it to you."

"What's that?" 

Lisa dropped it into her pumpkin, then sat down on the couch. "Go ahead, you can make sure it's all there."

Candy pulled the envelope from the pumpkin and peered into it. "Oh my god! You think I'm a hooker?"

Lisa rolled her eyes. "Drop the games. That's the donation we agreed on with your agency."

"I can't believe you think I'm a whore! Why? Because I'm dressed in a sexy costume?"

"Easier than to believe you were actually trick or treating like that. Now how about you drop shy and switch to playful?" She patted the couch next to her. "Come to mama."

"I'm not switching to anything because I'm not a hooker! Can't believe you think..." she snapped her fingers. "You think I'm one because you're expecting one!"


"For you and your husband, that's..." she waved her hand. "Whatever, you do you and whoever else you want, I'm out of here."

Lisa rose from the couch. "Honey, if you don't think you can go through with it, fine go, but once I call the agency...."

"Lisa, stop," Rick said from behind her. "She's not the girl."

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December 09, 2021
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