The Spirit of Christ

by Andrew Murray (Author)
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“The Spirit of Christ” is the inspiring and insightful work on living filled with the Holy Spirit by famed South African pastor and author Andrew Murray. Born in South Africa in 1828, Murray spent his childhood educated in Scotland and later the Netherlands. He returned to South Africa in 1848 after his ordination and became pastor to several churches all over South Africa. Murray was a prolific author and earned fame later in his life for his passionate and moving books written in service to helping others find a deeper and more meaningful faith. His works reflect his central belief that prayer and striving to live without sin must be the foundation for a Christian life. In “The Spirit of Christ”, Murray shows how the power of the Holy Spirit is available to every devout and faithful follower who opens their heart fully to living according to God’s will. This acceptance of God’s will and an openness in one’s mind to the Holy Spirit is the only path to a meaningful and satisfying life lived in faith. An insightful, practical, and helpful guide, “The Spirit of Christ” brings a universal message of hope and empowerment to every Christian.

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December 11, 2020
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