Cat Shifter For Public Use

Cat Shifter For Public Use

by Apple Gold (Author)
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When Alpha Werewolf Liam is gifted an eighteen-year-old Cat Shifter for his enjoyment, he did not anticipate how hard and fast he would fall for her. She is small and weak, fragile in every way and he is filled with an inexplicable need to hold her and keep her safe, shelter her.

Her cat ears and tail should not be so irresistible, but he can't seem to stop petting her, touching her. He is helplessly in love and in lust with her. He wants to own her, mark and ruin her in every way imaginable.

Then, he allows his men a taste of her, fill her up and use her.

His perfect little Kitten loves every second of her surrender.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Everyone turns to look at her when she steps into the bar. It's her scent that draws their attention first, so unique that they can't help but be drawn to it. After all, she is a Cat Shifter in a world filled with Werewolves.

Once they have identified the source of the scent, eyes drawn to her, it is everything else about her that keeps their gazes from straying away. It is not just her face, which her Master likes to compliment at every opportunity. Her cat ears and tail are displayed prominently despite her modest garments.

She is a gift from her previous Master who was trying to bribe his way into Master's good graces. They are still good friends now because Master really does enjoy her company and is grateful to have her. He kept her mostly hidden when she was younger, but now that she is older and the people in town know better than to step on her tail, he lets her roam relatively freely.

She is aware that she is a show of power for her Master.

Here is one of the most precious possession one could own, roaming freely because their Master is all-powerful.

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Publication date
December 27, 2021
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