Equation 37

Equation 37

by Geoffrey Van Hecke (Author)
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Where are they?

When the astrophysicist Gabriel Evora looks at the countless amount of stars that amaze us, this is the only question that fills his mind. Convinced that life overflows all around us, he does not hesitate using futuristic technologies to prove it…. at the risks of not being able to control his own research. Lost in the middle of a perpetually moving cosmos, with its own rules, is the human brain truly able to pinpoint its tools at the right place, at the right time? 

When he was reunited with his grandmother in astonishing circumstances, Thomas Eton managed to tame our curious understanding of time. Without knowing it, he probably has the key to what every world hunter seeks. But how can he set limits to somethings that has none. 


Fascinated by space conquest, Geoffrey Van Hecke mike genres to popularize the hunt of exoplanets. This unusual spy novel required more than a year of research, the support from outstanding collaborators from the European Space Agency and from the Astrophysics Institute of Liege. More than anything, the author tried to present to us a new perspective to our short lives. 

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January 04, 2022
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