Monsieur Prudhomme

Monsieur Prudhomme

by Paolo Margiotta (Author), Andrea Adiletto (Author)
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Paris, 1913, autumn.

The dreams of peace and progress brightening la Belle Époque are about to burn into the fire of World War I. While newspapers are focused on the tense political landscape in Europe, Paris’ dark alleys are stained with the blood of clochards and prostitutes. Brutal homicides, perpetrated at night, with the corpses left rotting in the streets. On each one, a note with a quote from Victor Hugo’s masterpiece Les Misérables.

Police inspector Clairmont seeks the help of Guillaume Prudhomme, a former university professor banned from the Académie for his illegal experiments. When Prudhomme investigates the latest crime scene, he soon realizes that unbeknownst to Clairmont a greater threat lurks behind the homicides.

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January 11, 2022
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