Group Submission and Humiliation Complete Set

Group Submission and Humiliation Complete Set

by Apple Gold (Author)
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In this Group Submission and Humiliation Complete Set, innocent young Cat Shifters fall into the clutches of strong Alpha Werewolves and their numerous pack members. Here, you will find:

Cat Shifter for Public Use

When Alpha Werewolf Liam is gifted a Cat Shifter for his enjoyment, he did not anticipate how hard and fast he would fall for her. She is small and weak, fragile in every way and he is filled with an inexplicable need to hold her and keep her safe, shelter her. He wants to own her, mark and ruin her in every way imaginable. Then, he allows his men a taste of her, fill her up and use her.

Public Sharing of a Cat Shifter

The first time Alpha Werewolf Joshua meets with the Cat Shifter, he considers killing her chaperone to get to her into his arms faster. She is perfect, peeking up at him from her long lashes, her paws curled tightly around the soft plushie she's hugging close to her chest like a shield. He'll have no problem loving her. It's the part where he has to share her that he will come into resistance.

Pampered Cat Shifter

Nessa is eighteen-years-old and can take care of herself, but she finds herself placed into a special Cat Shifter School where she will be kept safe. She quickly learns that despite the chaste kisses and lingering touches, the people at the School are all Werewolves and are much more than they appear to be. They’re all just waiting for the right time to pounce and do what they want with her.

Brutal Submission

What Anya wants is abnormal. Her fantasy doesn't just involve a single Werewolf, but an entire pack, all using her the way they want. She fantasizes about too many men trying to get to her, and then all succeeding, and she dreams of being touched everywhere. She imagines being pushed around, degraded and humiliated, filled in all the ways imaginable…

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

She is so beautiful, even when she's afraid. Perhaps especially when she's afraid.

Still shy, but also more curious now. She blinks up at Toby, studying his face with earnest curiosity. "Alpha's friend?"

"Yes, dear. Perhaps a bit closer than friend. I'm his packmate," he corrects her.

"Oh," she mewls, leaning up closer. "You have pretty eyes."

"Thank you," he hums. Just like that, she settles, melting into his lap more and pushing into his hand when he pets her. "Are you going to be good for me, Kitten?" he hums.

"Uh huh," she mewls, so sweet and innocent, her fur no longer puffed up as she stops being scared.

He knew he would have some trouble sharing her, but he had not prepared to have her surrender so easily. He should have known, really. She had melted into his arms so easily that first time they were together as well. He wished that she would wail and fight, demand to be returned to his arms.

He stares at his beautiful little mate, tucked in another man's arms, nuzzling against his neck and breathing in as her fingers curl around

her tail, petting it in a self-soothing notion. She's completely unaware of the rage in his veins, the bitter, terrible jealousy he's feeling at the sight of her easy trust.

"Alright, that's quite enough," he says, standing up so violently that the chair falls behind him. He marches over to her and hoists her up into his arms. Toby knows better than to try and keep her there, releasing his hold of her immediately so that he can take her away. "We'll try this again tomorrow," he lies.

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January 25, 2022
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