An Hour of Prayer

by Lennox Moses (Author)
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What book do you need for life, and for what follows after? A bible, of course, you may say, but one cannot access anything worthwhile in the Bible without prayer.

So regardless of the religion, the most common and important feature of any faith is prayer. Your prayer should follow the format outlined in so many parts of the Bible. An ideal prayer does not have to be long, but should be spoken, and at least contain confession, repentance, and should call on God by his proper name.

This book of spoken prayer contains all of the known Names of God; it includes the Lord’s Prayer, prayer for family, for deliverance, and for healing. This edition concentrates on healing in an expanded Chapter 5. It contains the Word of YHVH on healing, the Word of our Lord for healing, and the Word his disciples used for healing; words for self-healing, and for healing other persons. This book of Prayer begins with and ends with praise. It is a book that we all need, and need to read aloud as often as possible.

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January 24, 2022
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