The Art of Horsemanship

by Xenophon (Author)
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One of two treaties on horsemanship by Xenophon, the famed Athenian historian, philosopher, and soldier, “The Art of Horsemanship” is a general work on the selection of horses and their subsequent care and training. Written in approximately 355 BC, Xenophon’s treatise is the earliest surviving complete work on horsemanship and is a fascinating look into this ancient tradition. Xenophon informs the reader how to inspect both young and old horses for soundness and what physical characteristics a buyer should look for in choosing horses for different tasks. Detailed instructions are included for grooming horses, for their daily care, how to use tack and other equipment, and how to ride properly. In addition to being an important historical text, “The Art of Horsemanship” remains a helpful and informative guide for every horse owner and rider. This edition includes a biographical afterword, follows the translation of Morris H. Morgan, and includes extensive commentary by the translator as well as a compilation of writings on horsemanship by ancient authors referenced by Xenophon in his work.

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February 01, 2022
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