Dandelion - Make a wish

Dandelion - Make a wish

by Antonio Fassio (Author), Salvatore Callerami (Author)
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In the world we all live in, magical spirits dwell in woods, water expanses, deserts and cities alike. They are the souls of living beings who left us to reach the spiritual realm, taking up the form they most prefer. Among them, well known are the kindness and altruism of Dandelions, dandelions’ spirits whose purpose is to infuse hope in humans and to grant their wishes. “Dandelion” tells the adventures of little Wema, a dandelion spirit born from the tooth of Jua, the Sacred Lion, her mentor and wise advisor. As she follows her path, Wema will meet the Lady of Cats and her moons and the Butterfly Girl. What are you waiting for? Make a wish!

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January 28, 2022
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