Family Bitch

Family Bitch

by Zoe Black (Author)
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A drunken Paige is down on all fours on floor when Thor decides to take her as his bitch. Her screams - of pleasure - alert her father. After tanning her bottom she becomes HIS bitch too. Then her brothers join in. Dad puts her out in the back yard at night with dog ears, furry tail, and furry boots which keep her on all fours and the dogs use her lush young body as they choose, just as her family does during the day.


I'm a bitch.

I've been a bitch for as long as I can remember, although only recently have I become one in more than name.

See, I just don't give a shit about people. I don't care about hurting their little feelings or upsetting them. I don't actually like people. Most of them are assholes anyway. Then there are the whiners who always feel sorry for themselves. I don't hide what I think of people, and I don't think much of them most of the time.

I even had a t-shirt that said 'Bitch', taking a kind of pride in it.

Okay, yeah, I'm a bit smug and arrogant and cocky. I know my value. I'm hot and everyone wants me. They always have. I have a great body, with D-cup chest that is surprisingly large given how slender I am.

And I have long blonde hair that's real. That hair is like an investment, and it pays returns every day. It hangs soft and rich and full, halfway down my back.

So if some guy comes up and tries to hit on me and he's not, like, really hot, well fuck, am I supposed to let him down easy? Doesn't he have a fucking mirror? Fuck off! Go somewhere you jerk off.

I drank probably too much, and I loved weed when I could get someone else to give it to me. I've never had a job. Well, never for more than a day. I dropped out of school back in grade Nine. They threatened to send me to some kind of special school, but eventually gave up. Fuck em. I can read and write, sort of, and what else do I need?

I could get most anything I wanted just by letting guys feel me up. Or more.

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January 29, 2022
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