Japanthem: Counter-Cultural Experiences, Cross-Cultural Remixes

by Jillian Marshall (Author)
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  • JAPANTHEM offers an outsider's inside perspective on contemporary Japanese culture, focusing on underground music, day-to-day city life, and cultural activities 
  • Author Jillian Marshall spent more than a decade in Japan, traveling extensively while conducting field research for her doctoral theses. She obtained a PhD in Musicology from Cornell in 2018
  • Markets for the book include musicians, especially those interested in electronic music, Japanophiles, academics or people interested in pursuing academia, and those interested in international/inter-cultural relations
  • Jillian Marshall's research into Japanese music scenes was supported by grants from The Fulbriht Foundation, the US Department of State, and MTV (sections of the book were previously published on MTVu)

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April 12, 2022
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