Outdoor Humiliation

Outdoor Humiliation

di Dlenti O'Pick (Autore)
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Going to the park in the middle of the night with a vague description of what she's agreed to do isn't one of the best decisions in Jennifer's life, but what's life without a little risky adventure? Or rather, in this case, without a giant perverse adventure involving ropes, bondage, and being filled by too many strangers.

It's going to be a night to remember as she's taken in every way imaginable by powerful men.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Jennifer knows what's about to happen and she knows how terrible it is going to be for her.

And she can't wait. Her heart is pounding in her ears and her blood is pumping through her veins in a visceral way which she has never felt before. Everything is so intense.

This is the most exciting thing that she has ever signed up for willingly, and she has half the heart to turn heel and run in the opposite direction.

The fact that she knows and she can get ready for it doesn't make things any better. It's something she shouldn't be doing. It's something no sane person should ever subject themselves to, but she can't back down now.

The offer was right there. Not only has she found people who are willing to indulge in her fantasy, but she's being paid for it.

It's a win-win.

Except it's insane.

Utterly, completely crazy.

This area of the park is hardly abandoned. There are trees to keep her sheltered, sure, but there are also high-rise buildings all around them and the place is fancy, for lack of a better word. The park is well-tended to with equipment that she can normally only find in that expensive gym that she can no longer afford to go to. And all these stuff are just laying about in public, like they don't care if someone steals it.

She thinks she had probably gone the wrong way, maybe gotten the address wrong.

Will she be in trouble if she runs?

She keeps going.

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