Sister In Hiding

Sister In Hiding

by R. Richard (Author)
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Jim Dell has what he wants and needs, a house, a car, a good job, well he could also use a woman. Into Jim’s world jumps his sister Polly. Sister Polly is on the run from a very bad situation. Jim hides sister and eliminates the links to the bad situation. Sister then has to run again, but she doesn’t leave Jim lonely.


I take Polly out to the fancy car. I check the driver’s side door sill and find a gas station sticker, with the gas station name and address. I show it to my sister and tell Polly, “Think of it as a dagger, pointed at your heart.”

I then check under the hood and find another gas station sticker, with the gas station name and address. I tell my sister, “Make that two daggers.”

I then check in the trunk and find a tire shop sticker, with the tire shop name and address. I tell my sister, “Make that three daggers.”

I then remove the dealer frames from around the license plates. I tell my sister, “Make that four or five daggers, all pointed at your heart.”

I then leave Polly with a couple of plastic painter gloves, a bottle of spray cleaner and a cleaning rag. “Wipe every place that you might have touched, for fingerprints.”

I then check the oil, the battery, the coolant and the tires. Everything looks like it should and the car is ready for a trip to the chop shop, tomorrow.

Polly and I then adjourn back into the house.

Polly says, “That was a lot of work.”

I tell Polly, “Yes, but your life is worth it.”

Polly tells me, “Now you can do a lot of work, but it will be worth it. You just lie on the bed.” Sis then grabs a suitcase and disappears into the bathroom, off the master bedroom. She spends a lot of time in there. (What else is new?)

I strip to naked and lie on the bed.

My hot sister then struts out of the bathroom, wearing just a lace garter belt, tall, lace top nylons and stiletto heels.

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March 02, 2022
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