Death By Candlelight

How We Succumb
by Kevin Goodman (Author)
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Sarah-Jane is a young woman living alone in the house she grew up in. She is celebrating her 31st birthday with her friends; they go for dinner, drinks and live music afterwards. Her friends give her an unusual birthday gift at dinner, a subscription to a sex website. This gift isn't something Sarah-Jane would have visited but she thinks why not give it a go. During this time of self-discovery, she meets different men and has very different emotional experiences, having never before gone through these types of sexual waves that flood over her with every meeting.

Unfortunately for Sarah-Jane, during this journey she encounters death. Spiralling out of control, she goes through a dark transformation with each murder. Her sanity was long ago broken as her childhood trauma breaks free from the prison of her repressed memories. Her friendly, kindhearted, happy life slowly vanishes as she becomes a seductress, luring her victims to their death with the offer of sex. Sarah-Jane devises a cunning plan...

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April 28, 2022
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