Making It Up To My Son

Making It Up To My Son

by Kit Snowy (Author)
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Dallas gets to enjoy his mom once again! They go out together and get some fun inside a bathroom stall! Join this hot tale of mother and son being together!


“Damn, that felt hot mom. That was fun. What got into you” Dallas asked as he dried off and got dressed. His mom still looked hot in a bikini. A red bikini. Fun time with mom. Best sex ever!

“Well, when you came back to live here with me, I promised you that I would see you more often. I used to be away from you when you were younger. The business field sure can be rough for a family woman. So, making you feel good seems like the right thing to do.” Debby shrugged her slender shoulders. She loved being naked. She looked tan. From the tanning beds and the sun. She did have a few moles on her body. But hardly any wrinkles. After all, she would be just turning 40 in a few weeks. She did not feel 40 either.

“Will dad be home tonight?”

“Nope. He says he got meetings with clients. It’s Friday night. You know how that goes with him. I already did my meetings. I wanted to be home for a change.” Debby answered as she dried off with a towel.

“So, what did you want to do on your night off mom”

“I want us to go get a drink together. Maybe more fun time again. I need to make up for lots of lost time with you. I know I wasn’t there for you when you needed me years prior.”

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March 10, 2022
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