Massaging Mother

Massaging Mother

by Angel Scott (Author)
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Feeling pain never feels fun for anyone. No matter your age or what you do for a living. But this hot mom will surely get the pain relief that she needs from a massager and her own son! Join this hot tale of mother and son being together!


Now at home, Trisha pulled into the parking lot. She parked and climbed out. She headed inside and towards her two-bedroom apartment. Only one bath. But it worked for her and her son. She finally got to her apartment. Apartment number 116. It was for low-income families. She headed inside and set her stuff down onto the table. She felt too damn sore and too tired to put stuff away. Trisha headed straight to her bedroom and flopped onto the bed.

Trisha reached for her massager from the nightstand. She grabbed the big, black, massager. She felt happy that she could afford one. Some massagers seemed expensive. At least for the good ones. This massager had a big, round, ball point and high speed. She turned it on. It buzzed loudly. It might sound weird from the outside of her bedroom. Like a sexual toy. But Trisha did not care. She needed release from her pain. She pointed the massager onto her back. Well, the best that she could. The massager moved up and down her back. Well half of it. It started to release a little bit of pain. But she needed more pressure. She pushed down harder. But now her poor arm hurt from the awkward position.

"Damn it!" Trisha yelled.

Todd heard his mom yell. So, he wanted to check on her to make sure she would be all right. He headed towards the bedroom and when he got closer, he heard the sound of buzzing. Todd was not sure what that could mean. But he needed to check on his mom. So, he headed inside. The door looked partly open anyway. A good sign.

"You okay, mom?"

"Yes. Just sore. Trying to get the back massager to work. It's being difficult. As usual." Trisha whined and pouted.

"Can I help, mom?"

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March 10, 2022
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