Wanting Attention From Mother

Wanting Attention From Mother

by Angel Scott (Author)
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Steven feels tired of being left out. Not getting enough attention. So, he decides to beg and make a deal. Join this hot tale of mother and son being together!


Steven hated being a sibling. Especially since the other sibling got most of the attention. Poor Steven. He never felt special. He knew he got love from his parents. Hugs and short kisses. Kisses to say hi and goodbye. That type of thing. They always said ‘I love you’ too. But he wanted more. Especially since he would be going away to college in five months. He was not going far. Just a state away. Pennsylvania. About a four-hour drive.

Friday night and nothing to do. Poor Steven. He wanted to hang out with his hot mom. He found her hot. Especially in the last five months. He got a sneak peak of her in a sexy outfit the other day. It got him rock hard. It looked like a schoolgirl outfit. Steven assumed his mom role played with his father. Lucky bastard.

“Hi, son.” Sarah came into the living room. She felt shocked to see her hot son sitting there with nothing to do. Usually, he liked to go out with friends.

“Oh, hi mom. Did not know you would even be here. Thought you needed to go to a meeting?”

“I do. But not for an hour or so. Whatcha doing?” She asked as she sat down next to her son.

“Being bored.”

“Go hang out with your friends. Your father will be gone for a few hours. I’m not sure what your sister will be doing.”

Steven looked over at his mom. She wore a pencil like skirt. Long and black. A white button down, long, sleeve shirt. She looked professional. As per usual. Steven hated that his mom always worked and then paid attention to his sister the most after work. His mom, a worry wart. He could see his mom’s long, brown hair up into a bun. Her slender figure looked good in the outfit. He could see his mom’s green eyes stare back at him. Steven licked his lips.

“I want attention, mom. For once.” Steven complained.

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March 10, 2022
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