The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

by Wells Herbert George (Author)
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Griffin, a promising 19th-century physicist, ignored by his countrymen, dedicates himself body and soul to making his dream come true, developing a new discovery that makes him rich and allows him to win the respect he believes he deserves because of his intelligence. Griffin manages to develop a procedure that makes it possible to make any object invisible and decides to try this discovery first on a cat and then on himself. The process succeeds on him and Griffin very quickly discovers that being invisible brings with it a whole host of problems he didn't suspect. The protagonist moves from London to Iping, a town in the English countryside where he continues his experiments trying to find a technique that allows him to become visible again. His invisibility is discovered, however, and Griffin is forced to flee. After a short escape, the protagonist realizes the potential advantages of being invisible and decides to use them to establish a reign of terror that will not last long ...


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March 15, 2022
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