Revenge Sex Finds Love

Revenge Sex Finds Love

di A.J. Mayes (Autore)
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Revenge sex never ends well. Right? Wrong. Revenge can be a steamy magnet bringing two people together, especially if they both share a fantasy to make their exes pay for their indiscretions. Besides revenge and sex, what can bring a socialite and an alpha male professional cowboy together? Great chemistry. Can love overcome the betrayal, and will their exes let them go?


“You trying to sweet talk me out of my panties, handsome?”

“Could be. Is that a problem?”

“Yep.” She gave him a sly grin. “I’m not wearing any.”

“Mind if I check?”

“A waiter is coming. Wait ‘til he leaves.”

The server walked up, handed them menus, and smiled. “I’m Jim. Jan told me who you are Mr. Dickson. May I get you two something from the bar?”

“Drop the mister. I’m just Colt. Bourbon. Rocks.”

“I’ll have the same, Jim.”

“Sorry, Miss. May I see some ID?”

“Thanks for thinking I’m too young.” She pulled her license from her purse and handed it to Jim. “I just turned twenty-five.”

“I see that.” Jim gave her the license. “Be right back, Colt.”

She watched him leave,spread her legs, then looked at Colt. “Okay, cowboy. Check.”

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