Nasty Business

A gritty gangland thriller that you won't be able to put down in 2022
de Gillian Godden (Autor)
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'A gritty powerful story. A must read for fans of gangland crime.' Bestselling author Kerry Kaya

Bold, daring and ruthless, Tony Lambrianu is now the main player in London’s sleazy but lucrative underworld.

As the boss of a high-end nightclub in the West End and with a never-ending string of gorgeous women on his arm, Tony is the darling of the tabloids. However, despite his success, the little boy who lived on the streets is never far away.

Desperate for respect, he’s driven to achieve more and more. Most of all, he craves the acceptance of Ralph Gold and to become a bigger part of his extensive web of organised crime.

Fearlessly facing up to enemies, winning battles and becoming the undisputed boss of the London underworld can be a nasty business, but it’s the only business Tony knows. And he’ll stop at nothing to succeed!

Please note, this is a re-release of Nasty Business previously published by Gillian Godden

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Fecha de publicación
9 de junio de 2022
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