The Family Affair

The Family Affair

The Family That Lays Together, Stays Together.
by Zoe Jasmine (Author)
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Clare languished in the afterglow of her blissful double-make-out for days. All her thoughts were filled with the remembrance of the two gorgeous hoodies stuffing her insides full.

She smiled almost constantly, a warm feeling radiating from her body, especially her mound. She rubbed her thighs together often, feeling her sore mound and butt.

When Clare came home from school about three days later, she could stand the waiting no longer. She had been thinking all day about having a good lay. She was doing all she could to keep her pussy from drooling right down to her ankles. She looked in the rec room. No Michael. She looked in John's room. No one was there either.

She decided she might just as well service herself. She couldn't wait for hard hoodie to satisfy her. She went to her room and stripped in front of a full-length mirror...

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March 17, 2022
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