Remembering Emily

Remembering Emily

by G. King (Author)
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After her husband dies unexpectedly Emily turns to her son’s best friend, Jack, for comfort and support as she grieves. Innocent support becomes sexual intimacy and the two engage in a long term relationship. When the two take trip to Emily’s grandfather’s ranch in Texas with her son and Jack’s mother tagging along becomes a sexual free-for-all it sets in motion events that will change their lives and create memories of a lifetime.


“Emily, you are a beautiful woman. You don’t need to feel nervous. There are tons of nice guys who would love to date you, I’m sure.”

“Am I? Beautiful, I mean.” She asked. I could tell the wine was beginning to make her less inhibited.

“Yes. You are.” I said honestly.

“Would you date me?” she asked and then she looked embarrassed by her question that seemed to just pop out of her mouth, “I mean if you were my age and all.” She added trying to cover her embarrassment.

“Yeah. In a heartbeat.” I replied honestly.

She leaned back and smiled sexily. “I know you watch me on the pool deck.” Her tone was matter-of-fact and not accusatory at all but she seemed pleased that she caught me off guard by telling me what she knew. “That’s why I started wearing the string bikini. It was fun to tease you.”

I felt a little bit trapped by her comment but decided not to evade her. “You have a great body.” I replied. “Of course I watch you.”

She sat for a moment as though thinking and then put her glass down and got up. She walked around the coffee table and then sat down straddling my lap on the couch. She looked me directly in the eye and slid the straps of her dress down off her shoulders. Then she helped it fall the rest of the way to her waist and she sat topless in my lap, looking into my eyes intently. She was amazing, I didn’t need any more encouragement.

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March 19, 2022
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