My Cousin, My Mistress

My Cousin, My Mistress

by Maggie Pickard (Author)
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Brenda's cousin John comes to stay with her while he is being evicted from his apartment. Things come to a head when Brenda finds dirty plates, cups and clothes all over the place and she confronts him about it. John finds out that although they may be cousins, Brenda can be very demanding.


By the evening everything was done, cleaned and put away. John came in from putting the last load of laundry away. He stood to attention in front of Brenda.

"You have stains on your jeans." she said, "Put them in the laundry.". He did so and returned in only his underwear. Brenda looked at him, standing there ready for her command. He had a great body and legs and she could not help staring at the bulge in his underwear. "Stop it." she said to herself, "You are related.". Her body, however, was starting to behave as if they were strangers. Brenda felt her insides knot up and her pussy started giving off signals. She suddenly felt herself get more sensitive and she could feel tingles as she rubbed against her shirt.

Brenda saw that John was looking straight ahead, just staring into the distance. She was debating her next move, her mind was telling her to stop but her body was telling her to go further. She sat there squirming, her body was definitely ready for something, sending electrical pulses throughout her body and amplifying them. Her body won the argument.

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March 19, 2022
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